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Scott Silbert writes about protecting clients’ future medical care needs

In its October issue of Advocates, the Louisiana Association for Justice published an article by Scott Silbert which helped educate trial attorneys about protecting clients’ future medical needs through the use of medical management. Scott wrote about his past case experiences using these tools to help navigate clients through the often complex world of private insurance,Read More

David Pitre writes article on courtroom technology

David Pitre has received considerable attention for his use of technology in the courtroom.  He has previously lectured on the topic, and recently authored an article on the subject (click here to read it). The article has appeared in numerous trial lawyer publications, including the Mississippi Association for Justice’s Voir Dire, the Louisiana Association forRead More

Pitre writes about issues involving client trust accounts in AAJ’s Trial Magazine

David Pitre was invited by the American Association for Justice (AAJ) to write about issues involving the proper handling and protection of client trust accounts during the current global financial crisis and its accompanying bank failures. The article, which can be read here, was published in Trial Magazine (AAJ’s flagship nationwide publication for attorneys, lawRead More