Will I have to pay any of the expenses on my case?

You will not have to advance any expenses on your case, although all case expenses will be deducted from your settlement after the contingency fee is charged. Our firm has the ability and the resources to fully fund practically any type of case no matter the challenge and regardless of the size or wealth of the opponent. We understand that you have already suffered a loss which causes financial strain and hardship. We provide you with access to the courtroom to give you a chance to obtain just compensation for the harm suffered. At the time of settlement, we will provide you with an itemized list of expenses which will be clearly related to the prosecution of your case. We will also provide you with any receipts if requested. Again, our firm does not charge any interest for advancing these expenses, and in the unlikely event there is no recovery our firm will never bill you for these expenses. We will assume the risk, not you.

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