About Us

Scott Silbert, the firm’s founder, began his legal career in the late 1970’s in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In the mid-80’s Gregory Merritt started working with Scott right after law school.  David Pitre joined the firm in 1992 while still in law school.  Silbert & Garon, LLP was formed in 1995 when those three teamed with Justin “Bobby” Garon in New Orleans.  In 1999, the firm expanded to Gulfport, Mississippi creating the office of Silbert, Garon & Pitre.  In 2003, Jonathan Friedman joined the firm after several years as a prosecutor with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s  office.  In 2012 Jonathan became a partner in Silbert, Garon, Pitre & Friedman.  In 2019 the firm changed its name to Silbert, Pitre & Friedman following Justin Garon’s retirement from the practice of law.

We are the Lawyer’s Lawyer

Our firm derives most of its clientele through referrals from other lawyers across the country needing assistance for their clients throughout the Gulf Coast region. What higher compliment can be paid to a law firm than being chosen by other  lawyers to help their clients?  With our experienced trial lawyers and our highly trained paralegals and legal assistants, we are well-positioned to handle just causes requiring prompt and aggressive representation.

Our Focus

We limit our practice to personal injury and wrongful death claims. We represent people, not corporations.  Except in rare circumstances, we almost never sue an uninsured defendant.  We do not represent insurance companies – we sue them.  We do not handle corporate or tax law cases, divorce or other domestic matters, criminal law or anti-trust cases. By focusing our practice on helping the victims of casualties, we can best serve the needs of our clients and avoid conflicts of interest.

How We Are Different

We are not the only group of lawyers who are competent to handle your claim, in much the same way that Chevy is not the only good pick-up on the market. We are good at what we do, and some of our competitors are as well. We are different because we represent individuals and families – we do not view you as “a case” or, worse, “a legal fee”. When you have suffered a severe injury or have lost a loved one, your life and the life of your family members are devastated. You deserve an attorney who is not only first-rate in legal ability, but who will personally guide you through the process, in much the same way that you need a doctor with a good bedside manner. You and your lawyer need to work closely together throughout your claim.

Our Approach

We are problem solvers. When you have suffered a loss as a result of someone’s wrongful conduct, it is our obligation to find a path to maximize your financial recovery. If you choose to retain us and if we accept your representation, we will vigorously pursue your claim and get it resolved – through settlement or trial – as quickly as possible.


Receiving fair compensation is the objective in every case. Many times these are achieved in a pre-trial settlement or compromise. Through settlement, accident victims avoid the delays, large expenses and risks of loss associated with a trial. Fair settlements are obtained when a victim is represented by aggressive, competent and well-respected counsel. In most instances, especially in cases involving death or serious injury, settlement is not possible until the defendant is shown through pre-trial discovery that the victim has a good case and that the victim’s attorney is willing to invest whatever it takes in time or costs to secure justice. An attorney with a reputation for dishonesty, laziness or fear of trial will rarely obtain a fair settlement because he or she will not be feared or respected by the Defendant. In the same way, a lawyer who is reluctant or unable to pay for first-rate experts and trial exhibits will not be taken seriously. The defendant will settle for a just sum when it has been shown that it faces a capable, well prepared and motivated attorney who has the financial resources to level the battle field against the insurance company.

Our lawyers know what the inside of a courtroom looks like

Although we always try our very best to settle a case for a fair sum, there are times when settlement is not possible. Our firm has a reputation for “taking the fight to them”. We have the experience, resources and resolve to take any case all the way to trial. Our firm’s lawyers have achieved successful, large jury and bench trial awards in Louisiana, Mississippi and throughout the Southeastern United States.

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