Insurance Company Bad Faith Litigation

Most people expect that their insurance company will do what they promise, which is to pay you the benefits after a loss has been suffered. Unfortunately, these large multinational corporations have teams of lawyers and experts who try to load up their insurance policies full of exclusions and loopholes in an effort to avoid responsibility for compensating people who have suffered misfortune. Insurance companies have wrongfully denied all sorts of legitimate claims, whether due to a hurricane, fire, theft or many other causes. In many cases, an insurance company may attempt to deny you the full amount of benefits that you deserve, even after you have faithfully paid them premiums for insurance coverage.

There are as many examples of bad faith as there are insurance companies, and can include the misrepresentation of policy provisions, unreasonable delay in investigating or paying for a valid claim, the unreasonable refusal to pay for a covered and much-needed medical procedure or the arbitrary denial of a claim without justification. We understand the frustration our clients feel after being mistreated by their insurance company despite having paid years of premiums.

Our firm has extensive experience battling insurance companies, and we have a reputation for getting what each client rightfully deserves from these insurers who act in bad faith. If you believe that your insurance company is treating you unfairly, please contact us today for a free consultation.