Can I trust the insurance companies?

Insurance companies are corporations who profit by taking in more money in insurance premiums than they pay out in insurance claims to people who have suffered injuries or losses. They view anyone with a personal injury claim as an expense, and just like any other corporation they will do everything in their power to maximize profits and minimize their expenses. Insurance companies spend millions of advertising dollars each year trying to convince the public that they are fair and will treat your claims appropriately. The fact is that if insurance companies routinely treated people fairly, plaintiff personal injury attorneys like us would be out of a job. We have years of experience fighting for the “little guy” against these multi-million dollar insurance companies. We know how to protect the rights of injured victims and to ensure that they have the ability to achieve fair compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies can be very difficult to deal with and sometimes they will be unfair and even unscrupulous. Because we have battled them for so long we know their “tricks of the trade” and we are not afraid to take them to court to do what’s right for our clients.

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