What if I cannot afford to go to the doctor or have an expensive test?

The first thing we will do is to closely examine all possible sources of insurance to make sure that you are not overlooking any insurance available to you for medical treatment. If you have no insurance and you cannot afford to receive medical care, we will assist you in finding a medical provider who will treat you and agree to be billed later or from the proceeds of your settlement. Where necessary, we will pay for and arrange medical treatment for you (provided its allowed by state law). You deserve the best available medical care and we will do our best to make sure you get it promptly. In many instances workers hurt on the job are entitled to medical care at the employer’s expense and we will force the employer’s insurance company to provide the care to which you are entitled. In Louisiana and Texas, and in all maritime cases, we are legally permitted to pay for medical care and we will, in most cases, provide the funds for you to received the care that you need to heal from the injuries you suffered. In Mississippi, the rules regarding paying for medical care are more strict, but there are enough exceptions and options to allow us to help you obtain most necessary medical care. For example, in Mississippi and any other state our firm can guarantee payment of your medical expenses so that your doctor can treat you without delay, and wait for your case to settle before collecting his or her bill. Also, Mississippi rules permit us to pay for expensive diagnostic tests if it will help establish medical evidence in your case.

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