How much is my case worth?

Although one of the most common questions we face, it can rarely, if ever, be answered truthfully right after an accident. A lawyer is hired to provide an expert legal analysis — not wild guesses. Would you want your doctor to guess on your diagnosis without needed diagnostic tests? You should be very wary and suspicious of any attorney who will be quick to fill your head with big dollar amounts (particularly at the initial consultation). The short answer is that your case is worth whatever the judge or jury will award at trial. There is no magic formula to evaluate the worth of a case. Many factors are considered in determining a case’s value, including the seriousness of the injury, the amount of medical bills, the place where the case may be tried, and whether there are any inconsistencies in testimony or the medical records which could weaken the case. Remember that every case is different and the amount your relative or friend recovered for a similar injury probably has no predictive value in estimating how much you might receive for your injuries. Once the victim’s medical condition is better known, and the case fully investigated, we should be able to at least advise you of a “range of value” for your case based upon our extensive experience.

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