How much time do I have to file suit?

Every state has very specific laws that set forth time limits to file suit. These laws are sometimes called “prescription” or “statutes of limitation”. If you delay pursuing your claim and do not file a lawsuit within the required time limit, your rights will be lost and your case will likely be thrown out of court. When the statute of limitations expires on your case, you simply don’t have a case anymore. That is why you should always consult with a competent attorney as soon as possible so that your claim is not lost due to an avoidable delay. Contact us for a free consultation. Statutes of limitation differ not only from state to state, but also in regard to the kinds of lawsuits involved and whether federal law is involved. In some states the statute of limitations for medical malpractice, suits against governmental agencies, and for intentional torts wrongful death are shorter than that for other types of personal injury cases. Our experienced attorneys will closely examine your case to make sure that your rights are protected and your case will not expire.

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